Electric Meter Tester

To check current consumption, power interruptions, LCD segments, Eeprom, AC power ON, CT and shunt function tests

Screw Driver Controller

To automate screwing process ie. Auto feed screw, auto height check, speed & torque control. Able to interface PLC with microprocessor I/O.

Auto Tablet Dispenser

To automate tablet counting ie. auto count tablet, auto feeding tablet to preset packing quantity

PCB Board Function Jig

To check functions of car's air-con temperature control unit

RF Remote Control System

Remotely control the camera check system with RF frequency

LG/SM-MC Board Tester

To check functions of water heater PCB

LED Analysis Tester

To check brightness intensity and colour of LEDs in the PCB

Operate ModuleTester

To check functions of tact switches in camera PCB.